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Kickstarter is quite popular amongst the group, so I've decided to list what I know others are backing here for those that are interested:

Kickstarter 2021 and 2022

Ahau – Rulers of Yucatán by Apeiron Games backed by Martyn.
Ryozen by Tabula Games backed by Martyn.
Earth by Inside Up Games backed by Martyn.
Namiji (the makers of Tokaido, ETA July 2020) backed by Martyn.
Railways of Sweden & Australia, & Rail Barons of the World backed by Mark, Michael, Steve, and Issy.
Everdell: Newleaf and Mistwood expansions (ETA Mar 2022) Plus Big Old Box of Storage backed by Martyn (Romain backed the Big Box)
Meeples and Monsters (ETA Mar 2022) backed by Martyn.
Eternal Palace Deluxe (ETA Jan 2022) backed by Martyn.
Paladins of the West Kingdom: City of Crown + box (ETA Nov 2021) backed by Martyn.
Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition + 4 playmats (ETA Sep 2021 ) backed by Martyn.
Kemet : Blood and Sand (God pledge, ETA Aug 2021) backed by Martyn.
Northgard: Uncharted Lands (ETA July 2021) backed by Martyn.
Canopy (ETA June 2021) backed by Martyn.
Terraforming Mars: Big Box (ETA May 2021) with trade fleets and chairman seat minis backed by Martyn, Mark, Michael.
Glenmore II: Highland Games (ETA Feb 2021) backed by Martyn.
Planet Unknown Deluxe (ETA Oct 2020) backed by Martyn.
Namiji (the makers of Tokaido, ETA July 2020) backed by Martyn.
Dwellings of Eldervale backed by Martyn.
7th Citadel backed by Samuel.
Yedo Deluxe reprint backed by Jackson.
Nemesis reprint (not quite kickstarter!) ordered by Jackson.
Yedo Deluxe reprint backed by Jackson.
Chai High Tea reprint plus expansion backed by Emma.
Canvas 2 backed by Emma and Ahmad.
Isle of Cats: Don't Forget The Kittens backed by Emma.
Ankh: Gods of Egypt backed by Graeme.
Arcana Rising by Grey Fox Games backed by Graeme.
The Thing backed by Graeme.
The Witcher: Old World backed by Graeme.

Kickstarter 2018, 2019, 2020

Mike and Odes Solaris Mission 2nd Edition backed by Michael.
Western Legends backed by Luke.
Xia: Embers of a Forsaken Star and Xia: Missions and Powers backed by Luke.
Rurik Dawn of Kiev backed by Luke.
Suburbia Collectors Edition backed by Mark and Martyn.
Terraforming Mars Turmoil backed by Mark, Michael, and Martyn at least.
Ankh: Gods of Egypt backed by Romain.
Terraforming Mars Big Box (3D components etc) backed by Mark, Michael, John W, and Martyn at least.
Pacific Rim Extinction backed by Jackson.
Tilt Five: Holographic Tabletop Gaming backed by Jackson.
Yedo Deluxe Master Set backed by Martyn.

Recent News and Events


COVID19 continues to impact on us, with international visitors being absent from NZ.

Still hosting weekly, though this week (2nd March) is postphoned with the first surge of Omnicon. Next week is also iffy.


COVID19 continues to impact on us, with international visitors being absent from NZ.

Board Games by The Bay will be here for the first time mid-May, which should make for a fun weekend.


COVID19 lockdown made for a long period without boardgames this year, with games cancelled from the 16th March through to Queen's Birthday on the 1st June where we had our first two-table games session.

The following week we had our first normal Wednesday with 3 tables, and then the week after a full house with 22 gamers and 26 people, welcoming Jackson and partner and James for the first time, and Ahmad for his second visit.


A new year dawns. Games continue on Wednesday evenings and occasional weekends (notifications for weekend games are via the list and on whencanweplay) as usual.


Games continue on Wednesday evenings and occasional weekends (notifications for weekend games are via the list and on whencanweplay). We had Maily's, Sarah, and Theo join us from France this year while they were working in Dunedin, and will miss them all!


Games continue on Wednesday evenings and occasional weekends (notifications for weekend games are via the list and on whencanweplay). We have a new address - 71 Viscount Road, Waldronville, Dunedin. Chenoa and Lisa have joined us along with Svejva from Germany and her boyfriend from Australia. Sadly Svenja's stay in Dunedin has come to an end and we miss her and wish her well on her future travels!

2015 and 2016

Games continue on Wednesday evenings and most weekends (notifications for weekend games are via the list and on whencanweplay). We've also managed to get in a second marathon Advanced Civilization game (13 hours!). We hosted visitors from the US and the UK this summer.

30th November 2014

Sunday afternoon games were held for Linea and Hermann (visitors from Copenhagen) this afternoon - thanks to everyone for making them welcome; I'm sure they enjoyed the warm hospitality more than the hail, bitter wind, and thunder the day bought us. Hopefully we return to 20C temperatures of earlier in the week before they leave next Tuesday but I have my doubts ;-).

15th June 2014

Sunday afternoon games were held in the games room all afternoon in honour of Malte leaving next week for Germany and Martyn heading away for work next week.

14th June 2014

Today we had of us play 3 rounds of Laserstike at Megazone - lots of fun!!

2014 begins

We had another trip to Nichols Falls to introduce Ling, Peter, the Jono's, and Andrew to the glow worms. Sadly there were no freshwater crayfish to view this time around. Peter is down until next weekend, so now is a good time to catch up. He's been overseas for 4 years and will be in Wellington after the weekend.

2013 ends

2013 ended with a big buy up of games, several hundred dollars later we have 14 additions to be played. We also played games several days in a row, peoples holidays lining up to make a perfect storm :-)

2013 so far

Weekend hosting continues, with a record 30 hours of play over Queen's birthday :-). We've bought quite a few new games and replaced a lot of older copies. There will be a hiatus from 8th August to 15th September whilst I am overseas (unless there are volunteers happy to host at their place?). Ad hoc get togethers can still be arranged via the email list and website while I'm away too. Remember you can contact myself or Mike if you would like to be added to whencanweplay.

Jan/Feb 2013

Games, games, and more games, a BBQ on the 24th followed by a drive out to view what was once one of Dunedin's most popular attractions a century ago - the glow worms! No $60 or more fee, all free with Martyn as our local guide, and we also got to see fresh water crayfish :-)

Games wholesale supplier!

I've secured access to games wholesale and have put in our first order (several hundred dollars worth). I am likely to put in another order next month if people are keen on joining in the fun (being near Christmas and all). I may also sell off some more of our older copies of various games in order to buy newer copies now that we can do this a lot cheaper :-)

The rest of 2012

We've been playing a fair number of new and longer games during the weekends. We're hosted about 100 game evenings already for 2012 - lots of fun! If you are in Dunedin drop us an email and pop on in :-) For regulars, we're also using a website designed by Mike to indicate which games people are keen to play in the weekends. Contact either of us to have a login created.

Get-togethers May and June 2012

Avengers was excellent, lets hope Prometheus is too (we're off to watch it on Saturday). This month we had more Game of Thrones, lots of Battlestar Galactica, and Wednesday was Jeremy's time to shine in Powergrid with a convincing win over all, second place going to Israel with one powerstation less being powered.

Get-togethers April 2012

So, Battleship the movie was reasonably good, Game of Thrones saw another outing with Israel trashing me early on in the game capturing my home island, and we had Matt from Germany join us until 4am on Saturday the 21st playing with an extended gaming night for Chenoa who was down from Oamaru for the day. All good, with me beating Jeff in Saint Petersburg by 1 point, winning by a similar margin in Alhambra, and then losing by a similar margin to Matt in Kingsburg :-)

Get-togethers February and March 2012

A group of us played the new version of A Game of Thrones, and had Jarratt (one of the developers of Endeavor) along for games in March, followed by weekend games on the 9th March - St Petersburg followed by Thurn and Taxi's. Sunday 11th March a group of us are going to watch John Carter :-)

Get-togethers December 2012/January 2012

The usual occasional weekend get togethers along with a visit from Walter Mansfield, a UK traveller who spotted mention of the club on BGG :-)

And sadly, Marama heads to Christchurch today (31st January). Hopefully we'll still catch up occasionally when she visits the irresistable Dunedin. I have Marama's contact details if you are visiting Christchurch and would like to catch up there too.

Get-togethers November 2011

Labour day was interesting with a visit to Martyn's for games (a first for us all apart from Martyn of course) and the following weekend we had a Sunday games afternoon at 357 again. It would have been a BBQ as well but the weather was being unhelpful :-)

Get-together 4th Septemper 2011

A quiet weekend with myself, Lindsay, Marama and Tonic. I'm away next week in Auckland and Michael will be looking after games at my place for the evening.

Get-together June 2011

It's been a quiet month with the girls preparing for exams and Ling in Beijing. I've been hosting a few small quiet weekend game sessions with Ming and Cameron when then turned up with baby one weekend, and the first weekend open games for the last weekend of June:

Five of us played Battlestar Galactica, whilst Lindsay and Steven played Alien Frontiers (Steve had bought but not played it before so Lindsay took honours). There were no cylons in the first half of the game, with me as Admiral, and Dax as President, and so things were relatively quiet and quick moving at the start, but changed with Marama and myself finding out we were cylons after the halfway point. Sadly I had been an effective admiral and our jump was 3 distance at the mid way point bringing us 6 distance (75% of the way home) so it looked like the humans were going to romp home for an easy win. Luckily Marama revealed hersef as a cylon and started runing amok whilst I took the presidency off Dax claiming he was an ineffective President (having failed two inspirational speech attempts), meanwhile giving Brendan the vice presidency card so Dax couldn't take it back himself. Excellent fun ensured when Jeff mistakely put in the wrong cards for a skill check, making it look like he might be the other cylon. With continual undermining and spreading of suspicion we managed to wipe out the human population and Marama and I settled in to wait for a resurrectioon ship to come take us home ;-)

Next up we played Agricola, with Lindsay winning on 40 points, Steve and Brendan having departed, and finally a game of Bohanza (aka Beans) with the buildings expantion after Dax departed. I won handily on 40+ points. Having not played with the building expansion for at least a year I really enjoyed the chance to play!

Games ended about 9-ish with me taking Jeff home and Lindsay and myself heading to a party at Jono's to celebrate his birthday, and Marama heading to a party a few blocks from my place. All in all, a good weekend!

Get-together April 10th 2011

First weekend game in a wee while, with Tonic winning Agricola and then Tigris and Euphrates. I must ge out of practise ;-)

We also got to meet Mario, a visitor from Germany for the first time, and should have another new guest this coming Wednesday.

Games on hiatus 20th January to 20th February

I was away in China and alas, was unable to find a game loving house sitter whilst I was away. Withdrawl symptoms are now overpowering and I am desperately awaiting this Wednesday :-)

Until then, take care and keep up the tranquilisers.

Get-together January 15th 2011

We had a final get-together and BBQ before a months hiatus in games at 357 North Road as I am heading off to China and the housesitter this time around is not a board gamer (we were lucky the last few trips). Games will be back on the 23rd of February.

Until then, take care and all the best.

Get-together January 9th 2011

We'll, we had another BBQ this last Sunday; and I missed it because I was playing the Civilization board game for 5 hours!! Dax talked Mike into attacking me when he might have been able to take out Dax's capital and win, and I won just before Dax would have and with Michael exactly one square away from one of my three cities. Super close and I won by a technology victory with spaceflight :-)

I joined in a game of Agricola afterwards, with Lindsay on 42, Tonic 41, myself on 38, Cameron and Ming on 35, and Jono very grummpy on 22. A good close game apart from poor Jono who took first player several times but never really got around to choosing wood enough to build fences!

Next week we will have games as usual, but the week after I will be away for a month in China. Andrew is house sitting and I think games will be on a hiatus or perhaps hosted at Mike's place.

I'll email the list once I have confirmation one way of the other.


Get-togethers in December

We've had a few good BBQ/games sessions and a "swap quality but no longer wanted gifts" session on the 19th - thanks for everyone that could make it I hope you all had as good a time as I did.

Next week we will have games as usual, and on Tuesday some of us will be watching Tron 2 at Hoyts in 3D if anyone is keen on joining us. I have an extra set of 3d glasses in the car so that will save someone a dollar too ;-)

I was also thinking about having an orphans get together for Christmas day for those that don't have anywhere to be.

I'm not sure what time yet, as I will most likely be visiting my dad, another friend who is not very mobile, and having a meal with another group of friends as well.

I'll sort those out and email something out on the list.


Weekend get-together 31st July 2010

We had another weekend get together with Battlestar Galactica getting another outing along with Puetro Rico, Powergrid, and Ingenious. The iPad proved a source of amusement for Lisa and Reuben, and Cameron and Ming started gathering people's addresses ready for invites after announcing a little suprise and a new wedding date :-)

Inception at The Rialto July 2010

Well, inception didn't quite rate 9.3 out of 10 with me.

Queen's birthday get-together

Some serious boardgaming, and a little bit of Wii gaming in honour of the Queen. And a toasty fire for a cold winters day.

Tonic's birthday get-together and BBQ

We had a get together to celebrate Tonic's birthday on the 24th of April (his actual birthdate is the 23rd).

With the weather being less than accomadating the BBQ was an indoor affair, and we had some yummy cake thanks to Ana :-)

Easter Sunday get-together and BBQ

With the long weekend coming up now seems a good time to arrange a weekend get together, especially for those that can't easily come during the week.

If you are free this Sunday we'd love to see you. We'll have board games, some Nintendo Wii computer games, and maybe a movie or two on the video projector depending on what everyone is keen on.

If it is cold the fire will be on so no excuses for you to hide under warm blankets all day :-)

We'll be starting at 3pm, but if you can't make it then you're welcome to join us later.

About 630pm the plan is to break for a BBQ and have more games afterwards for those that want to stay late.

All welcome! :-)

Go Kart racing

I'm thinking of arranging indoor go kart racing in Kaikorai Valley some time this month or next. Has anyone been and got any feedback on how good the setup there is?

Avatar in 3D Saturday 3pm the 20th March at Hoyts

We're heading along to Hoyts to watch Avatar in 3D this Saturday. Let me know if you want to join us and I'll sort out extra tickets.

Alice in Wonderland in 3D Sunday 6pm the 21st March at Hoyts

Same deal - we're heading along to Hoyts to watch Alice in Wonderland in 3D this Sunday. Let me know if you want to join us and I'll sort out extra tickets :-)

New Years Eve BBQ and games

We had a small get-together for New Years Eve, with a BBQ, and of course games :-)

Avatar Movie Saturday 830pm 18th December at the Rialto

Ling and I wanted to head along to the Rialto to watch Avatar and invited everyone else along. In the end there were a few groups of us including Ling and I, Mike and Lauren Miller, Jono, Reece, Andrew, Shaun and mum, Lindsay, Harry, Heidi, Mathew. Cameron and Ming had to cancel since they got engaged the night before :-)

My rating: 9/10 - well worth watching.

Back in Dunedin 14th December

Ling and I are back from Australia, and would like to thank Cameron and Ming for housesitting, looking after the cats, and hosting games in our absence =)

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