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This page lists our test fit results in a table at the end.

Premium Swan Panasia sleeves are excellent quality and fit - about the same as FFG sleeves but without the excessive extra at the top of the sleeves that FGG have for unknown reasons. They are also by far the best value premium sleeves and usually our go-to for our own sleeving needs.

The standard Swan's can be great for fitting into boxes with tight inserts and usually come in 160+ sleeves per pack, but tend to be a more 'sticky' texture than other standard sleeves.

Mayday standards can be a less snug fit than the Swan thins, but are usually easier to mash shuffle due to the texture differences. Premium Mayday's tend to have more consistent sizing than their standard thickness sleeves. Some Sleeve King sizes can be quite loose fitting (eg., their Space Base size), and can have a bit of variance in both height and width between batches, but their standard sleeves are a bit thicker than most other standard sleeves.

Premium sleeves can start out very slick, which can be a pain for tall stacks, but that does decline with use, and generally results in less stickiness from humidity and finger oils than standard sleeves over time. All brands do occasionally have a small amount of variance between packs or batches.

Ultimately, which sleeves we choose for a game is based on the snugness of the fit, the feel of the sleeves, the tightness of box inserts, the popularity and cost of the game, and the sizes available for rarer sized cards, as some brands, eg Swan in particular, carry sizes other brands do not offer.

Some game editions have different sizes, so if at all unsure ask and we will confirm what sleeves we recommend. You can also measure your cards and check against the sizes listed here. If in any doubt, consider buying a size up: NEVER try and force a card that doesn't fit into a sleeve that will result in the card bending. Note that most of these comments are based on feedback from fellow gamers. Where I have verified against our own copies I've noted that as well.

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For more extensive lists of which games fit Mayday, Sleeve Kings, or Swan Panasia sleeves, check out these lists for Mayday, Swan Panasia, Sleeve Kings and this long, long, long list at Boardgamegeek.

Games and how well they passed test fitting

Game Fitting Results
5 Minute Dungeon BGG recommends the Mayday Chimera size for 5-Minute Dungeon. 5 Minute Dungeon can use the standard Mayday Green 63.5 x 88 sleeves - thanks for the feedback Andrew - but are likely a loose fit.
7 Wonders Swan thin and thick 65x100 packs fit best, with the thin coming in packs of 165 vs 82 for the thick. The thin Swan's also fit back into the inserts better and are what we are using ourselves. The base game has 157 cards so you only need a single thin pack. Standard Mayday 65x100 sleeves usually fit well and Mayday also make 7 Wonders sleeves in semi transparent colours matching the three eras. Unfortunately the samples we got for the most recent coloured batch are too tight to recommend.
7 Wonders Duel SLETHI45x70 fit the small cards perfectly, SLETHI65x100 fit the 7 Wonders Duel wonders cards, SLETHI61x112 fit the 7 Wonders Duel Pantheon divinity cards perfectly - thanks for the feedback Jakub. The small cards also fit nicely in Mayday mini euro - thanks for the feedback Nathan. 7 Wonders Duel small cards fit fine in the SLE45x70 as well (thanks for the feedback Joshua). The 61x112 Mayday standard sleeves fit nicely, not too snug, not too lose for the divinity cards - thanks for the feedback Josh.
7th Continent Swan SLE80x80s fit perfectly: "Thank you for the sleeves, they fit perfectly. Adrien". Mayday 80x80's also fit well: "Hi Mark The sleeves are a good fit. Thanks for your help! Kenneth. Sleeve Kings not recommended - too much variation in height reported (and confirmed at BGG)."
Above and Below Mayday Euro blue size fits best.
Acquire The thin 55x82mm Swan sleeves fit best but need to be top-trimmed. Still, worth it if you have the 1999 Avalon Hill copy which is now a collectors item (the re-release uses nasty cheap cardboard pieces).
AdventureMart The thin SLE64x89's fit well (two packs) - thanks for the feedback Michael.
Aeon's End The thin SLE64x89's fit well (confirmed first hand).
Airlines Europe Swan 57x90's fit, thin Swan 56x87's *may* fit as well, thick Swan 56x87's are not recommended (thanks for the feedback Jonny). Mayday US should also fit.
A Distant Plain Swan SLE64x89's fit well.
Adrenaline Swan SLETH62x103 fit the weapons cards perfectly (thanks for the feedback Mike).
A Game of Thrones 2nd Edition boardgame Mayday Chimera and Mayday Mini US yellow packs fit best.
A Game of Thrones Card Game Swan 64x89 and Mayday 63.5x88 both fit well.
Ad Adstra Fit the Swan 45x70 excellently, perhaps slightly tightly. The Mayday mini Euro 45x68 fit well and are what we are using ourselves (less stick). Both brands require top trimming.
Age of Empires Fit the Mayday green 63.5 x 88mm sleeves snuggly. The Swan 64x89 sleeves are slightly too short.
Agricola Fit the 60x92mm Swan sleeves or 59x92 Mayday games sleeves.
Alhambra Mayday orange fit the cards best. Swan's adhesive individually sealed adhesive tile protectors work excellently for Carcasonne, Alhambra, and Metro - we use these ourselves to prevent the tiles getting chipped or grubby.
Arboretum (Renegade Games version) Sleevekings SKS-8807 Std USA are perfect fit, .5mm all around, but Sleevekings SKS-8808 Std USA Chimera better for those who like more sleeve at top of card, both work fine, both fit into the insert - thanks for the fedback Keith!
Archipelago "The Swan thins (SLE64x89) on the standard are tight, fit the box really nice which is cool. For the 70x70s the thins (Swan SLE70x70) fit tighter (not too tight) which I prefer on the card, neither would have fit in the allotted space in the box - the corners are tightly rounded, but there’s other sections they fit in so its no issue. Thanks again" - thanks for the feedback Matthew!
Arkon Arkon uses the standard Mayday Green 63.5 x 88 sleeves - thanks for the feedback Andrew
Ark Nova Ark Nova fits perfectly in Swan premium SLETHI64x89 sleeves and are what we use for our library copy. Will also fit in other standard sized sleeves from Mayday or Sleeve Kings if you prefer a looser fit (or Swan premium SLETHI65x90 sleeves which are similarly oversized).
Alvin and Dexter Swan SLE60x60 work best (a snug fit).
Android Netrunner Swan thin 64x89, Mayday Perfect, and Mayday 63.5x88 sleeves fit well. Swan thick 64x89mm are an excellent fit (thanks Peter @ Order of gamers).
Animal Kaiser Swan 60x90 thick sleeves fit excellently widthwise, slightly tall but can be top trimmed if necessary. Swan 60x90 thin should also be fine and have twice as many sleeves per pack.
Arboretum Swan SLE60x92's "sleeves work well for Arboretum. they fit snuggly into the insert." - thanks Nick.
Archaeology Swan SLETHI60x92's are a good fit - thanks for the feedback Jenny.
Architects of the West Kingdom The SLETHI54x85's "fit the AotWK cards very snugly". The Swan 44x68 sleeves just cover the length of the smaller cards and are a snugger fit than the 45x70 sleeves - thanks for the feedback Keith. As with Raiders of the North Sea we recommend you don't force any that are too snug (see Raiders of the North Sea entry below for more detail). The Swan SLETHI210x130's work well for the player boards (photos available - thanks Vicky!).
Arkham Horror Mayday US Chimera orange or Swan 57x90 thick are recommended for the large cards and Mayday mini red for the small. The mini yellows sometimes fit but that is hit and miss (when they fit they are perfect but when they don't they are slightly too tight). Swan also have Arkham Horror sheet sets to protect the game sheets. The Arkham Horror LCG Card Game differs from the boardgame - you need to use standard card size sleeves for the cards. Mayday green/Perfectfit and MTG Pro sleeves all work fine. For premium sleeves BGG says Swan SLETHI65x90 sleeves fit.
Artist cards/Artist trading cards These usually fit snuggly into Mayday green 63.5x88 sleeves. If you have thicker or larger than usual cards I have a batch of oversized Mayday greens that another user reported as fitting her thick card stock perfectly (thanks Julie). Note, these sleeves are oversized enough to fit in 3 Magic cards at the same time (so you can get a feel for what thickness/size cards they can fit).

If you are an artist and would like a link to your work here just let me know. Here is a link to some of Blake Beckford's work.
Arctic Scavengers Swan SLETHI64x89's premium thickness sleeves fit perfectly (thanks for the feedback Gareth), the thin sleeves should too. Mayday 63.5x88 fit well.
Ascention Feedback from Luke: "The Swan SLE64x89 sleeves are a bit tight on Ascension. They are like thunderstone sized cards, which needs a little more room. No worries tho, I managed to find enough that just fit."
The Mayday Green or Perfectfit should suit this game better. Shoud also work in SLETHI65x90's if you prefer premium thickness sleeves.
At the Gates of Loyang The only sleeves that fit properly are the Swan SLETHI54x85 packs of 80+ sleeves.
Augustus Swan 80x80 thin sleeves "fit like a glove" - thanks Peter. The thick sleeves should be a similar fit.
Bang! For 4th Edition and all expansions Mayday US Purple or Swan thin or Swan thick 57x90's suit best. The Mayday's fit back into the box best.
Bang! the Dice Game Swan's SLE64x89's are a prefect fit for Bang! the Dice Game (thanks Hayden)
Barbarossa Fit the Swan SLETHI65x90 with "About 3mm overhang on the top and 1 - 1.5mm on the side. And unlike FFG, for this game they actually fit in the box perfectly when sleeved!" - thanks for the feedback Kyle! Based on Kyle's feedback it is likely that the slightly smaller SLETHI64x89's are a perfect fit for this game, but I do not have a copy to test against for confirmation.
Battlecon "I've sleeved Battlecon: Devastation of Indines in SLETHI64x89 and the size is great" - thanks for the feedback Chris.
Battlestar Galactica For the larger cards Mayday orange Chimera fit excellently, Swan recommend 60x90 but these are way too loose (not recommended). For the smaller cards the Mayday Mini USA yellows 41x63 fit best width wise (occasionally they are slightly short though). The Mayday Mini Chimera 43x65 fit well as do the Swan 43x65.
Before I Kill You Mister Spy... Mayday Chimera's fit well (thanks for the feedback Vicky), though there is excess sleeve at the top of the card (maybe 4 or 5mm) so top trimming is recommended. The Swan SLETHI56x87's are too tight but the Swan SLETHI57x90's might fit and have less overhang (no feedback on this as yet sorry!).
Betrayal at House on the Hill Swan thin 57x110 sleeves work best (160/pack), the thick Swan 57x110 sleeves should also be a good fit (80/pack).
Beyond the Sun Swan premium 56x87 sleeves fit the main cards nice and snuggly. If you prefer a looser fit the premium Swan SLETHI57x90 size will do the trick. Swan SLETHI62x103 sleeves are the only sleeves I could find that fit the leaders cards in the Leaders of the New Dawn expansion. These only need 20 sleeves. If you are lucky I may have a partial pack on hand so you don't need to pay for a full one :-)
Biblios Mayday Green Ultrafit or Green card size fits best, one pack needed. Swan Magic size also fits but not quite as nicely. In either case you need to take the insert out of the box to make space for the cards afterwards.
Big Book of Madness The Swan SLE90x128 sleeves fit Big Book of Madness cards really well and the Swan SLE75x75 also fit the spell cards well, Mayday Mini Chimera premium fit perfectly - thanks for the feedback David.
Bios: Megafauna Swan Panasia sleeves fit SLE57x90's and Mayday US purple 56x87's and likely also fit SLE56x87's.
Blue Moon Swan SWN-041 fit really well (thanks for the feedback Alan).
Blue Moon Legends Mayday US Chimera fit really well (thanks for the feedback Alan).
Bohnanza (Beans) Mayday Purple fit best. Can't recommend anything else.
Brass We used a single Swan premium SLETHI65x90 pack for our copy of Brass: Birmingham deluxe edition. The cards were just a smidgeon too tall for SLETHI64x89's. According to BGG the SLETHI57x90's are needed for the non premium version, and Brass: Birmingham uses SLETHI65x90's as well.
Carcassonne Swan's adhesive individually sealed adhesive tile protectors work excellently for Carcasonne, Alhambra, and Metro - we use these ourselves to prevent the tiles getting chipped or grubby
Carson City The SLE67x67's for the aquare cards: "I can confirm that this does fit the Carson City Card Game square cards" - thanks for the feedback Josh!
Call to Adventure The SLE70x120's "fit Call to Adventure very well" - thanks for the feedback Matthew!
Cash n Guns Fit the Mayday US purples "not too tight and not too lose" (thanks Ben).
For second edition the Mayday sleeving app says:
1 x Tribune standard pack for bullet cards - 49 x 93mm sleeves (64 cards)
1 x Mayday 70x120 premium pack (75 sleeves) for the loot cards (64 cards too)
1 x Mayday green pack for power cards (16 cards)
However, we found the bullet cards (just) fitted in the Swan premium 45x70 sleeves - thanks for the feedback Matt! The Swan SLETHI63x128's are a good fit but require top trimming (thanks for the feedback Jonny). These come in packs of 50+ so you need two packs.
Catan Card Game + Expansions Fit the thick 70x70mm Swan sleeves. This includes Rivals for Catan. Feedback on the thick sleeves is "Got the sleeves, cards look great! Thank you!" (Thanks Domen)
Catan Starfarers Swan premium 80x122 Perfect (Thanks Garth).
Celestia Fit in the thick Swan SLETHI60x90 sleeves best. Better than all 'Euro' sleeves since these are slightly shorted than Euro and don't leave excessive sleeve overlap at the top.
Century: Spice Road, Century: Golem Edition, Century: A New World, and Century: Golem Edition – An Endless World The thin SLE70x120 fit well - thanks for the feedback Michael. Premium SLETHI70x120's should also fit according to BGG if you prefer the texture of premium sleeves.
Chez Dork Mayday US purple sleeves fit excellently. Can't recommend anything else.
Chez Geek Mayday orange and Swan 57x90 standard both fit excellently. For the Chez Geek event cards the SLE90x128's are a very good fit width wise but require top trimming (thanks for the size check Lindsay).
Citadels Swan SLE57x90 are almost perfect. Highly recommended since Citadels wears very quickly if left unsleeved. Thick SLETH57x90's tested as excellent with our older copy and Mayday 56x87 sleeves are slightly too short and borderline tight. If you have the 2016 edition then the 90 normal cards use the same size but there are also 27 large cards plus some instruction cards that fit in Swan SLETHI70x120 sleeves.
Clank! and Clank! In! Space! Swan premium SLETHI64x89 fit perfectly - thanks for the feedback Kieren! SLETHI65x90's should also fit well (but slightly looser). Mayday green's also fit well - thanks for the feedback Frank! SLETHI88x126's (aka 90x128's) fit the large cards if you have a Clank! In! Space! expansion that uses them.
Codenames According to BGG for all Czech Games Edition editions except 'XXL' editions (2015, 2016, 2017) you need a SLE51x77 pack for the 25 tiles (agent, assassin, double agent, and innocent bystander tiles), a couple of Mayday Mini Euro packs for the 200 small (codeword) cards, and a single Mayday premium 70x70 pack for the 40 square (key) cards.
Cosmic Encounter Mayday Chimera (Orange) for the cards. Swan's Cosmic Encounter sheet sets are NOT recommended unless you are prepared to trim your sheets in a guillotine as we found them too narrow for the latest Cosmic Encounter copy we tested.
Coup Swan SLETHI65x100 were a snug fit, about perfect in height and width, for the kickstarter edition (thanks Chris), and fit the retail version really well too (thanks Eugene). Mayday premiums fit excellently too (thanks Gordon). The Mayday standards are okay (thanks Joshua).
DC Deck Building game Mayday Green standard and thick sleeves fit excellently. The Swan SLE77x128 fit the super hero cards perfectly widthwise but need top trimming. I have some photos if you are interested in these.
Dead of Winter Swan premium SLETHI65x90 fit "slightly on the looser side than the tighter, which is more than acceptable." - thanks Shaun T. Additional feedback: the Swan premium SLETHI64x89 are perfect! - thanks for the feedback Mark! The Mayday green's also fit fine.
Deus For the Euro SLETHI60x92's fine - thanks for the feedback Josh. Should also fit the thin Swan's and Mayday Euro's.
Dice Forge Swan thin SLE56x87 fits perfectly - thanks for the feedback Hayden.
Dice Throne Swan premium SLETHI57x90's fit well - thanks for the feedback Richard and John. For Sleeve Kings 57.5x89's: "The sleeves fit nicely - thanks Ben", as do Mayday Chimeras.
Die Macher Only size that fits looks to be the Swan thin SLE47x70 sleeves. Feedback is: "are perfect", thanks Euan!
Dinosaur Island Swan SLE64x89's are a perfect fit - we use thes eon our copies. The premium SLETHI64x89's likely also fit but would bulk up the cards a bit much to fit confortably in the already tight box.
Disney Villainous Swan SLE65x90's barely cover the top of the cards and only if you push them in firmly - thanks for the feedback Maria. If you prefer extra card on top of the cards another option would be SLETHI65x100's if you don't mind top-trimming them.
Dixit Swan thick 80x122 sleeves fit well. Feedback is: "Quite slick so it makes it easy to shuffle, although when in a tall stack they can slide off to the side.", thanks Wendy!. Note, the thin sleeves (same price, almost twice as many sleeves) have a drier less slick feel to them and should be less likely to slide.
Dominion We use the Mayday Euro blue size standard packs since all of the 10-sets will fit back in the box if you sleeve with them. The coin cards won't but you can stack some of those in the centre (that is what we do anyway). The Swan 60x92's thin/standards are good but not quite as easy to shuffle. The thick sleeves bulk the cards up too much to recommend unless you are dead set on premium sleeves (in which case they are an excellent fit and better priced than any other premium alternatives). Sleeve Kings will fit if you don't mind a squeeze. FWIW, we've always used Mayday Euro standard sleeves for our copies of Dominion and our cards are still in originl condition after many hundred plays and perhaps 20 replaced sleeves.
Downfall of Pompei These fit the SWN 56X87 exactly. The Mayday 56X87 fit but are about one mm taller than the cards (thanks for the feedback Alan).
Dune Imperium Swan SLETHI64x89 premium sleeves are a really good fit for the standard Dune Imperium cards. Swan premium 44x68's usually just cover the top of the small cards, and the SLETHI45x70's add a few mm of flap at the top. The Sleeve King premium 44x68's have way too much excess at the top to recommend and cost more since you need 68 sleeves for the base game alone. A single Swan premium pack covers the base plus two expansions. See here for a visual comparison of the 44x68 premiums (Sleeve Kings on right with a bit of a ridiculous excess top flap, Swan premium SLETHI44x68 on the right). The Swan premium SLETHI45x70's are in between these two examples in size. The Sleeve King 101.5x153 sleeves are excellent for the characters cards (require trimming about 10mm off the top of the sleeve), and I am happy to do partial packs if I have one on hand. Dune: Imperium + Rise of Ix expansion + Immortality expansion = 16 sheets including two guides, Uprising = 10 sheets.
Dungeon Roll These fit the Swan SLE70x100's nicely. There is a little excess at the top (maybe 3 or 4mm) that requires top trimming for a perfect fit.
Dungeon Petz The Swan thick SLETHI41x67mm sleeves are a perfect fit - thanks for the feedback Jenny.
Dungeons and Dragons Varies - most use Mayday green, but some use Swan SLE57x90 - eg., Hasbro's (c) 2003 Dungeons and Dragons board game (thanks Sam). Consider measuring your versions cards and asking me which sleeve should fit best.
Eight Minute Empire The Swan thick SLETHI60x92 does the trick for both Legends and original (thanks for the feedback Alan). The Swan thin SLE60x92 and Mayday Euro blues will probably also fit based on this, but have not been confirmed.
Elder Sign SLETHI70x120 Swan's fit well - thanks for the feecback Aaron! The thin SLE70x120 (packs of 150+ sleeves) should also fit well.
Eldritch Horror Eldritch Horror profile sheets use the Swan 103mm x 128mm sleeves (same as talisman 4th Edition), and the other cards use Mayday US Chimera Orange and Mayday Mini Red (thanks Eugene). The Swan SLETHI57x90s are a great fit and the Swan SLETHI41x63s are perfect for the smaller cards - thanks for the feedback David!
Elevenes These fit the SWN 56X87 exactly. The Mayday 56X87 fit but are about one mm taller than the cards (thanks for the feedback Alan).
El Grande Swan 47x70 sleeves fit the small cards best, Swan 70x70 thicks fit the large cards loosely (unfortunately they are too large for the Swan 67x67's). SLE60x92 is 1 to 2 ml short in height for El Grande big cards, if you need to sleeve these let me know and I will hunt for a paticularly tall Mayday Euro packs - or use the SLE60x120's but be prepared to top trim every sleeve!
Eminent Domain Mayday green sleeves are best, standard Swan 64x89 sleeves are okay, thick Swan 64x89 are tight.
Empires of the Void II We used Swan SLETHI60x92's and SLETHI45x70's (Luke's copy).
En Garde (slugfest) These are a little larger than standard cards, feed back is that the Swan SLETHI65x90's work well (thanks Alan).
Everdell Large cards fit the Mayday premium standards and small cards the Swan SLETHI44x68 perfectly "Got 'em! Perfect as always. Thanks!" - thanks for the feedback Mike! Small cards fit the Mayday premium Mini Chimeras snuggly in testing, and the Mayday Mini Euro's are also a nice fit - thanks Vicky! Because the Mini Chimeras are a snug fit, with no tolerance for batch differences, it may be safer to go with the Mini Euro's.
Evo Fit the Mayday 56x87 excellently. Can't recommend anything else.
Exploding Kittens! Mayday perfectfits or Mayday Green Card Size sleeves fit best. BGG says the premium SLETHI64x89 sleeves should be a perfect fit if you prefer premium sleeves. If you bought a copy off TradeMe or another site then chances are you have a fake copy in which case you might want to go for the SLETH65x90's instead to be safe.
Falling Sky SLE64x89 - extremely tight fit, but cards do lay flat and have no bowing. SLE65x90 - good snug fit with a little bit of play - thanks for the feedback Damian.
Fallout Mayday Chimera fit well for the large cards (175) and Mayday Mini US for the small (112) - thanks for the feedback Bob! The Swan SLETHI103x128mm sleeves fit the scenario sheets according to BGG.
Family Business Mayday Chimera "actually fit perfectly" for the Mayfair Games 2006 version - thanks for the feedback Dave! Other versions need different sizes.
Final Fantasy Trading Card Game SLETHI64x89 "These work perfectly for FF TCG :-)" - thanks for the feedback Kyle.
Five Tribes Fit the Swan SLE80x80's excellently, should also fit in the thick SLETHI80x80's (Thanks Steven). The Swan SE45x70's are also an excellent fit for the small cards.
Flamme Rouge Fit great in premium Swan SLETHI56x87's: "Hi Mark, the sleeves are a great fit for Flamme Rouge. Thanks again! Chris". Should also fit in the thin SLE56x87's.
Flesh and Blood A perfect snug fit in Swan custom Magic sleeves - either 160 sleeve thin SLE64x89 packs or 100 sleeve premium thickness SLETHI64x89 packs (confirmed firsthand).
Fluxx All current versions of Fluxx fit great in both premium and thin Swan 56 x 87 mm sleeves. The thin sleeves stack better, the thick sleeves shuffle better.
For Sale Mayday green or perfectfit work well, Swan SLE65x90 are too large (thanks Shaun).
Forbidden Island Swan 64x89 sleeves fit the cards perfectly, Mayday Greens fit very well. Swan SLE65x65's fit the tiles snuggly with a little coaxing (thanks for the feedback Rosanne), the SLE67x67 fit the tiles perfectly (thanks Monk).
Fort Swan 64x89 sleeves are slightly too snug (thanks for the feedback Garth), the 65x90's or Mayday perfectfits should work fine.
Friday Swan 57x110 sleeves fit excellently width wise but require top trimming (Thanks Jeremy).
Galaxy Trucker Tested and found Swan thin and premium 56x87's fit our copy excellently.
Gauntlet of Fools Mayday Greens fit well, Swan 65x90's probably fit too (Swan 64x89 sleeves are too tight). Thanks for the feedback Alex.
Ghost Stories Mayday US work well - thanks for the feedback Candace.
Gizmo Swan SLE67x67's are a perfect snug fit - no other brand has a sleeve that fits Gizmo properly! - thanks for the feedback Michael.
Gloomhaven The thick Swan SLETHI65x90's are "a comfortable fit on Gloomhaven's large cards" and the thick Swan SLETHI45x70's "are an even better fit" - thanks for the feedback Pete. We've personally verified these fit great too. The thin SLE64x89's are slightly too tight for Jaws of the Lion (thnaks for the feedback Garth), and although feedback for the premium SLETHI64x89's was that they "fit the larger cards" (thanks for the feedback Garth and Justin) we recommend the SLETHI65x90's for safety. Mayday perfectfit and Mini Euro's also work great: "Just to let you know sleeves all arrived fine and fit the cards great" - thanks for the feedback Michael , and "Perfect!" - thanks for the feedback Rachel!
Great Western Trail Fit snuggly in Mayday US Purples. Thanks for the feedback James! (two packs needed). Should also fit in Swan SLE56x87's according to BGG, and only require one pack. Second Edition feedback from Matthew for the premium Swan 56x87's: Quick line while i remember to say thanks! great fit for the great american trail and great service as always!
Hanabi Fit snuggly in Mayday US Purples. Thanks for the feedback Tim.
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle According to for the large cards in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle you need a single 77 x 128mm thin pack and will need to top trim. For the square sleeves a single 75x75 thin pack. Others have used a couple of thick packs in the larger size successfully (thanks for the feedback Candace), and feedback for the SLETHI75x75 thick packs is they are a tight fit (thanks for the feedback Simpson). Sleevekings have a 76x76 sleeve that may be looser fitting (TBC).
Hase und Igel (Hare & Tortoise) from Ravensberger 1978 SLE46x80 fit excellently: "The sleeves arrived and fit beautifully! They were exactly what I wanted and now I can go ahead and slip in some english translations for these german cards without marking them." - thanks for the feedback Bruce :-)
Heat: Pedal to the Metal Swan premium 56x87's card sleeves work best (we use them on our copy), and are the best value for money premium sleeve. If you want a cheaper option the Swan thins, or Mayday and Sleeve Kings 56x87 standards will also fit fine, they just don't feel as nice.
Hera and Zeus Swan 64x89 fit best, Mayday Green fit well.
Hero Quest Swan 55x82 fit best, Mayday 54x80 fit very well too. Please check your copy fits these sleeves though, there are apparently multiple editions and we don't know if they all have the same size cards.
Heroes of Normandie Swan SLE60x90 are a perfect fit for the deck cards from Heroes of Normandie (and the associated Shadows over Normandie) - thanks for the feedback Frank.
High Treason second edition Mayday mega civ size fits well for high treason second edition - thanks for the feedback Josh!
House of Plants Swan SLE60x60 fits this game - thanks for the feedback Jan!
Imperial Settlers Mayday green 63.5x88 fit nicely.
Imperium Classics and Imperium Legends Mayday premium green 63.5x88 "All fit perfectly thanks! Feel free to put Imperium Classics and Imperium Legends on your sleeving guide :) Andy" - thanks for the feedback Andy!
Incan Gold Swan 64x89 sleeves fit best, Mayday Green 63.5x88 fit well.
Inis Premium Swan SLETHI80x122's are my recommendation and feedbck is "They fit well, thanks for the recommendation - James"
It's a Wonderful World They (3 x premium Swan SLETHI65x100 packs) are a perfect fit for It's a Wonderful World, snug but not too tight - thanks for the feedback Kyle!
Jaipur Swan thin SLE64x89 fit perfectly, no other brand fits back in the box - thanks for the feedback Ian.
Jamaica Swan 60x120's fit best (very slightly short, but there is no better option at present - thanks for the feedback Josh). I've also had feedback that these are too narrow which may mean there is a newer edition with larger cards, in which case the SLETHI63x128's might be suitable after top trimming (thanks for the feedback Stephen). If you are wanting to sleeve jamaica please email me what size cards you have so I can check the best size in advance.
Joking Hazard cards The “500 Perfectfit sleeves for Magic the Gathering” you suggested worked perfectly" - thanks for the feedback Gavin.
Kanagawa Swan SLE60x60 fits this game and the Yokai expansion - thanks for the feedback Jan! BGG says some sleeves may be too narrow, but but you only need 72 to fit.
King of Tokyo Mayday Green 63.5x88 and Swan Swan 64x89 sleeves fit the base game best. Mayday thick 70x70 sleeves are a good fit for the Tokyo Powerup Expansion. Swan 70x70 thin sleeves are now a perfect snug fit (no card bending).
Kingdom Death Needs 3 x Swan SLE52x52 for the gear cards (338 cards) and 7 x Swan SLETHI57x90 packs sleeves for the rest (652 cards). The former fit perfectly, and the later are pretty much perfect width wise and have a few mm extra on the top (thanks for the feedback Michael, will get the extras for the expansion out to you shortly). The thin Swan's are borderline, with some being slightly too snug - thanks for the feedback Jackson! Mayday 57.5x89's should do the trick if you prefer thinner sleeves.
Kingsburg 2nd edition Fits Swan premium SLETHI609x90's perfectly - thanks for the feedback Kieran!
Kemet Mayday US Chimera orange and Mayday Mini Euro both fit excellently. Also confirmed the premium Mayday Chimera sleeves "fit great" - thanks Keith.
Kiwetin Swan SLETHI52x74 fit snuggly the 30 English "runes" with top trimming (thanks for the feedback Ka-Wing). Mayday 50x75's likely fit as well.
Lanterns: the Harvest Festival Lanterns: the Harvest Festival cards fit the Mayday standard 45X68 packs (thanks for the feedback Alan)
Leaving Earth Swan SLE85x85's fit the location cards loosely. No other size fits any better. Additional feedback (thanks Phil): Thanks for the sleeves Mark. They did the trick. Those swan sleeves are fantastic by the way.
Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game Mayday standard green's or Mayday perfectfits both fit well as do Mayday premiums. The Swan 64x89 thin and premiums are a perfect snug fit (thanks for the feedback Daniel). Premium Swan SLETHI65x90's are similar in looseness to Mayday and Sleeve Kings if you prefer a premium sleeve but like a more sloppy fit. The thin Swan's have a less slippery texture and won't shuffle quite as well as the premium Swan's or the thins and premiums in the other brands. The Mayday perfectfits are the best value standard sleeve and the Swan premiums by far the best value for premium sleeves. Mayday also have premium coloured textured sleeves in several colours.
Legendary Encounters SLE64x89's fit perfectly: "Sleeves are a perfect fit [for Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game by Upper Deck], couldn't be any better." (thanks for the feedback Andrew). I can also confirm the thick Swan SLETHI64x89's are perfect.
Life boat Swan 65x90 sleeves fit nicely, and Swan 64x89 fit very snuggly according to one buyer (thanks Marco).
Lord of the Rings Mayday standard 41x63 - Good, slightly loose fit. Swan 70x120 thin - Good, slightly loose fit (thanks for the feedback Garth).
Lords of Waterdeep Mayday green card size fits nicely, perfectfit size should too.
Lost Cities Swan SWN-040 sleeves fit really well (thanks for the feedback Alan). The Swan thick sleeves are borderline, most will fit snuggly but you are likely to have ones that do not in the pack as well (thanks for the feedback Joshua). Jenny's comment was "perfect fit", and Sara said "Thanks Mark - the sleeves you sent fit my Lost Cities cards perfectly!" so YMMV.
Lost Legacy (Japanese version) Swan SLE65x90 sleeves are recommended - the sleeved cards just fit in the Lost legacy boxes, It's a very snug fit but definitely the right ones for these games (thanks for the feedback Jared).
Lost Ones (by Greenbrier) The tiles are standard thin card stock so need protection, and luckily fit perfectly in Swan SLE65x65 sleeves. Thanks for the feedback Shaun!
Love Letter Swan SLE64x89 fit perfectly, also a good fit for Mayday perfectfits, and slightly better in Mayday green card size sleeves.
Mage Knight Mayday card size 63.5x88 sleeves do the trick. Swan 64x89 thin sleeves are borderline tight wand not recommended. The premium Swan 64x89's fit according to our feedback, but for certainty we recommend the 65x90's (thanks for the feedback Garth).
Magic the Gathering, Dragon ball Z, Pokemon, VS, Baseball cards, Basketball cards, Football cards, Hockey Cards, LCG Star Wars The Card Game, Sentinels of the Multiverse, and other exactly standard size trading cards Standard Swan 64x89 sleeves are an excellent snug fit (suitable for double sleeving!). Occasionally you will find a sleeve too snug to fit - never force a card in! There are plenty of extra spares in each pack! Thick Swan 64x89 sleeves are an excellent snug fit too. The Swan SLETHI65x90 thick sleeves work excellently with the thin SLE64x89 sleeves for those that like to double sleeve in dual clear sleeves too. Mayday Perfectfit are a very good fit, Mayday green standard (100 per pack) and thick (50 per pack) sleeves are a good fit. Mayday also have a MTG Pro range which includes blue, red, green, grey, white, orange, purple, brown, and black textured matte sleeves, which are quite popular for serious MTG players (particularly for tournament use). Sentinels of the Multiverse also fit well in SLE65x90's - slightly better cover on the top, slightly looser fit width-wise (thanks for the feedback Daniel).
Mansions of Madness Swan Swan 43x65mm thin (160 per pack) and Swan 60x90mm thin (160 per pack) or Mayday Mini Chinmera Red and Mayday US Chimera orange should both do the trick.
Mascarade Swan SLE80x122 thin and Swan SLETHI80x122 thick sleeves both do the trick.
Meadow 2 x Sleeve Kings 50x75 are just enough for this game. "Good width fit, just a couple mm at top." - thanks for the feedback Peter!
Memoir '44 Feedback for the SLETHI64x89 premium Swan sleeves (one pack required) was: "were great thanks!" - thanks for the feedback Pete.
Merchants of Dale Suits Swan SLETHI57x90 sleeves "Merchants of Dale boxes are nice and small (no wasted space there) and sleeving will no doubt raise their lids a smidgen" - thanks for the feedback Sara. The thin sleeves (SLE57x90) might help with that.
Metro, Alhambra, and Carcassonne These use Swan's tile protector sleeves. Caylus and Tigris and Euphretes can use these too but require trimming to fit.
Middara BGG recommends Mini Chimera 43x63 sleeves for the smaller cards, however Sleeve King 41x63's were a perfect snug fit for the small cards. Be aware this may be batch dependant - thanks for the feedback Andrew! Sleeve Kings also make a 6XL Middara sleeve for the large cards. The other sizes neeed are Euro 59x92 and Tarot 70x120.
Mint Works These use Swan's SLE51x89 sleeves. 'The width is perfect for Mint Works with just a little overhang at the top' - thanks for the feedback Kyle!
Modern Art Mayday Chimera fit best.
Monopoly Deal Mayday US Purple standard packs fit best.
Munchkin Mayday US Purple and Swan Panasian's SWN-020 Std USA both fit well. Tested with Munchkin base, Munchkin Booty, and Munchkin Blender. Brand new Munchkin cards suit the SLE56x87's perfectly (thanks for the feedback Blake).
Mythic Battles Pantheon Mayday standard card sleeves are an "ideal fit" - thanks for the feedback Gareth.
Mysterium SLETHI80x122's are perfect! "My Mysterium card sleeves were brilliant, thank you!" - thanks for the feedback Vicky! Swan SLE80x122, Mayday Mini Euro, and Mayday Perfectfit also "all fit really well"- Chris L.
Nations Mayday Mini Euro sleeves fit well (thanks Israel).
Necromunda Uses 3 x SLETHI77x128 - "they fit great after a quick trim" (thanks Brendon).
Nemesis Nemesis gets hammered during play - either SLETHI64x89's or SLETHI65x90's are HIGHLY recommended for the large cards, do NOT use anything besides premiums. For the smaller cards the SLETHI44x68 sleeves are a perfect fit and the SLETHI45x70's slightly looser - thanks for the feedback Steve!. Feedback for the SLETHI64x89's is "The 64x89 thick sleeves fit nicely" - thanks for the feedback Phil!
Nidavellir Requires 2 x Mayday Yucatan Narrow standard packs or 2 x Swan premium SLETHI55x82 packs. These both fit really well.
Nexus Ops (Fantasy Flight games) Large cards: Sleevekings SKS-8808 Std USA Chimera are good fit for larger cards, Sleevekings SKS-8801 Mini USA good fit for small cards - thanks for the feedback Keith!
Neuroshima hex: Iron gang puzzles The Swan premium SLETHI64x89 sleeves are a "great fit" - thanks for the feedback Aaron.
Onirim The Swan SLETHI60x92s fit Onirim cards perfect (thanks for the feedback Croydon).
One False Step for Mankind Swan 55x82 sleeves fit, but quite loosely.
Ora Et Labora Swan's SLETHIORA sheet set are highly recommended since the sheets are very flimsy otherwise. We use these ourselves! The cards are best sleeved with Mayday Mini Euro packs (2 needed). These were slightly loose, but the best fit we could find. The small cards fit fine in the Swan SLE45x70's (thanks for the feedback Joshua).
Pandemic Mayday perfectfit sleeves fit excellently, Mayday 63.5x88 Green card sleeves very well, very much a borderine fit in the 64x89mm Swan sleeves (not recommended). The sleeves size Swan recommend for these is their 65x90 sleeves, which are a bit loose.
Parks Swan SLE51x77 and SLE70x120 fit - thanks for the feedback Nathan! Sleeve Kings 50x75 should fit the smaller cards as well but may be looser.
Pax Pamir Second Edition fits perfectly in the Swan premium SLETHI64x89 packs - can't recommend anything else! First edition should fit in Mayday Chimera (TBC)
Pax Porfiriana SLE57x90 sleeves fit good - thanks Euan. And from Damian: SLE57x90 - nice snug fit for Pax Porfiriana. The SLETHI57x90's also fit well. Mayday US purple size should also fit.
Pergamon Mayday Mini Euro sleeves fit best, Swan 45x70 sleeves fit okay.
Plague Inc Swan 51 x 77mm are a great fit - thanks for the feedback Jenny.
Powergrid Fit the 70x70mm Swan sleeves snuggly. Swan 45x90 sleeves for Powergrid money are not actually long enough and NOT recommended.
Queens Necklace 70x120 mm are a perfect fit Queens Necklace - thanks for the feedback Jenny.
Puerto Rico Sleeves for Puerto Rico? Yes! The role tiles in particular get damaged and dirty over time, but we have the perfect sleeve to prevent that. See here for a photo of two role tiles with an unsleeved ship tile in the middle. If you want these they come in 20 loose sleeves and suit the standard Rio Grande Games (c) 2002 Ravensburger Spielsverlag edition, with enough sleeves for the ship, role, and trader tiles with 4 spares left over. Be careful putting the sleeves on as these are a perfect fit and you can damage the tile edges if you rush things. The anniversary edition has card stock that is too thick for these sleeves.
Race for the Galaxy Swan SLETHI64x89's premium thickness sleeves fit perfectly (thanks for the feedback Gareth), the thin sleeves should too. Mayday 63.5x88 fit well. "The Mayday card sleeves (Mayday MTG Pro black textured sleeves and clear premium sleeves) that I got for Race to the Galaxy were fantastic." - thanks for the feedback Samuel!
Raiders of the North Sea/Shipwrights of the North Sea/Paladins of the West Kingdom, Viscounts The SLETHI54x85's "are quite a snug fit, there were a few that were too small but most fit nice and snug which I quite like"- thanks for the feedback Michael. Note we've now used these ourselves and have found them a perfect snug fit. There are plenty of extras in the pack, so don't force any that are too snug! We found that it was best to carefully sleeve the cards then go back and unsleeve and resleeve any that are slightly bowed in a different (looser) sleeve. Same with the Hall of Heroes expansion. Further feedback: They were a great fit - snug but not too tight (thanks Kerwin!)
Railway Tycoon Mayday 63.5x88 fit best for the cards you need to shuffle, neither brand has a good fit for the share cards, but those aren't shuffled anyway. The Swan cards were a borderline fit.
Risk The Lord of the Rings edition Mayday 56x87 sleeves fit well, but are just a fraction short.
Odin's Ravens (second edition by Osprey Games) Swan 50x101 sleeves do the trick and fit back in the inserts - thanks for the feedback Josh.
Ratcatcher Swan 70x120 thin - Very snug but good (thanks Garth).
Road to Canterbury Swan 52x105's work but require top trimming.
Robinson Crusoe 2nd and 3rd Edition Mayday US Chimera's work well for the large cards and Mini Euro's for the small - thanks for the feedback Candance. And from David: Sleeves arrived this morning and both sizes are a perfect fit! And from Joe: these sleeves fit really snugly with the cards which means they work well when sometimes the non-premium ones are annoying. Also, they are thinner so fit in the insert. Swan SLETHI57x90's are slightly too narrow.
Robo Rally 2016 edition Abridged feedback from Josh: Hasbro/Avalon Hill completely cheaped out on this edition. I did some more testing, and it turns out there are 2 card sizes (one about 1mm wider; poor manufacturing). So while some fit the Mayday mini USA, others were a little too tight. The Swans (Mini Chimera 43x65mm) were the best middle ground. A little loose on the thinner cards, and still a touch lose on the wider cards, but everything fits. There is quite a bit extra at the top, but I had enough left over Swan sleeves to be able to try out a game today. Whilst not ideal, they work well enough without top trimming (200 cards) and are serviceable enough. So my recommendation are the Swan mini Chimera over the Mayday/Swan mini USA, but as always, YMMV.
Roll for the Galaxy The SLE60x60 are just right for the Roll for the Galaxy tiles - thanks Rosanne.
Saint Petersburg Swan 45x70 fit best for shuffling, Mayday Mini Euro sleeves fit a bit loose and don't shuffle as nicelty, but do fit slightly better in the box. I recommend Swan.
Scythe For the large cards feedback is that "the Swan SLETHI70x110 were perfect" - thanks for the feedback Tery! There are 50 cards this size in the base game. BGG suggests Mayday Chimera or Swan SLETHI57x90 (use to recommend 60x90) for the automa and objective cards (there are 54 of these) and the Swan SLETHI45x70 sleeves for the small combat cards (42 of these). I also have feedback that the Mayday Mini Euro's are great (thanks Ben). Mayday 70x110 sleeves should also be fine for the large cards.
Secret Hitler The tiles fit Swan SLE47x70's perfectly widthwise but you need to top-trim - thanks for the feedback Neil.
Sentientals of the Multiverse Swan 64x89 fit excellently, Mayday Perfectfit fit... perfectly :-)
Settlers of Catan (English Mayfair editions) and Star Trek Catan Mayday standard and Swan thick Yucatan sleeves fit excellently. The standard Swan's also fit excellently but are less easy to shuffle.
Shadows of Brimstone The Swan SLETHI130x210's fit the Shadows of Bimstone hero/enemy/town Sheets, just require trimming 10mm or so - thanks for the feedback Alex!.
Sid Meier's Civlization: The Board Game Swan 67x67 sleeves fit the square cards perfectly (be careful getting these in; some cards are cut slightly different and will need to be rotated to fit, some sleeves are just a tiny bit too snug, skip them - there are 100+ spares :-)), Mayday Mini US yellow fit the small cards best.
Sleeping Gods 1 x SLETHI45x70 for the small cards, 4 x SLETHI60x92 for the medium, and 1 x SLETHI70x120 for the large - all fit nicely (thanks Ron!). Thin Swan 70x120: Very snug but good and Sleeve King 59x62 standard perfect (Thanks Garth).
Space Alert Uses 96 premium Swan SLETHI41x67 sleeves and 55 premium Swan SLETHI62x103 sleeves for the base game. Add 110 and 48 respectively for The New Frontiers expansion.
Spirit Island Uses 240 sleeves. Feedback for the SLETHI64x89 premium Swan sleeves was: "were great thanks!" - thanks for the feedback Pete
Splendor Mayday green and Mayday perfectfit sleeves fit excellently (and are what we are using on our copy). The Swan SLE64x89 are also "basically perfect, just a bit tight getting the cards in, but once they're in they're great" - thanks for the feedback Mark and Kieran! The SLETHI65x90 would be my recommendation (and matches BGG) to avoid any minor variances being too tight.
Snake Oil Suits Swan SLETHI57x90 sleeves - thanks for the feedback Sara.
Star Realms Suit Mayday perfectfit sleeves (thanks for the feedback Bryce) or standard card size sleeves.
Star Trek Fleet Captains Swan 64x89mm are a little too tight and NOT recommended. The 65x90 Swan sleeves should be fine, the Mayday 63.5x88 Green card sleeves may also be okay. Thanks for the feedback Russell!
Star Trek Frontiers The Swan premium SLETHI64x89 sleeves are a "good fit although I think there is a slight difference in core/expansion cards - seems like a wizkids production quality thing" - thanks for the feedback Aaron.
Star Wars Armada Mayday Mini US yellow fit the small cards very well. Swan SLE70x122 fit the large cards very well and SLETHI70x120's fit the large cards excellently.
Star Wars: Imperial Assault Mayday Chimera US for the main cards, Swan premium 103 x 128mm for the character sheets. SLETHI57x90 premium's likely work for the main cards too (they work with Star Wars Talisman) but I haven't confirmed this yet.
Star Wars Talisman Swan premium SLETHI57x90 for the main cards, Swan premium 103 x 128mm for the character sheets - thanks Dion!.
Startropolis Mayday Mini US yellow "were perfect. A few (~3%) of the Tarot sized sleeves were too tight for the cards, but there were more than enough sleeves to make up for that." - thanks for the feedback Phil! If anyone doesn't like snug sleeves the Mayday 70x120's are a looser fit.
Star Wars Card Game Swan thick 64x89mm are apparently a good fit (thanks Peter @ Order of gamers), the Mayday 63.5x88 Green card sleeves should also be good.
Star Wars Rebellion Mayday premium 41x63 and Mayday premium Chimera "... fit very well. I understand some people like a bit of head room in their sleeves, but these had none (which is my preference anyway). I wouldn't want them any tighter or looser..." - thanks for the feedback Matt. Swan SLETHI41x63 and SLETHI57x90's: Both sizes are a great fit; no trouble getting them in the sleeves. Now I just need to find a few more people willing to play this 4–5 hour epic game! - thanks for the feedback Aiden! :-)
Stone Age Fit the 60x92 Swan sleeves well, but the 59x62 Mayday sleeves fit more snuggly.
Summoner Wars Mayday blue's fit well, Mayday orange sometimes fit perfectly, but the tolerances are so low that I recommend you tell me you want them for this game so I can test fit a few sleeves per pack before sending :-).
Sushi Go! Some packs of Mayday US might fit depending on how they are cut, but Mayday and BGG both recommend using Chimera size. If you have the older first edition you are more likely to get away with US size since it seems that the newer edition has longer cards than the original. As an alternaltive, Swan 57x90 thin or premium may work too (TBC)
Sushi Go Party Mixed feedback - one person says "Purple Mayday Standard USA Sleeves fit the Sushi Go Party cards very neatly (esp compared with the Chimeras that were recommended on the Board Game Geek site) - the game is good fun for all the family actually" - thanks for the feedback Andy, while another says Chimera sleeves were perfect for Sushi Go Party (thanks Hayden). Tim says 'Chimeras definitely are slightly loose and too tall, but that doesn't affect basic shuffling or gameplay, so I'm satisfied'. Have also had feedback (thanks Katherine) that a few of the sleeves are a bit tight (Mayday US). As an alternaltive, Swan 57x90 premium should be a good compromise. Sleeve King 56x87 fit well for the new printing and are juuuust tall enough for the older printing - thanks for the feedback Lin!
Taj Mahal Swan 60x92 fit best, Mayday Euro blue fit well.
Takaro 'The Swans (SLETHI80x80) fit really well' - thanks for the feedback Aaron!
Talisman 4th Edition, Descent hero sheets Swan SLE103x128 (100 sleeves per pack) fit Talisman 4th Edition characters excellently according to Sara: "Thanks so much Mark. They are a perfect fit - really happy with them". The Swan SLE41x63 or Mayday 41x63's should fit the small cards. For Talisman 2nd edition the Swan SLE41x67 fit okay and the SLETHI70x110 or SLETHI70x120 suit the large cards width-wise but require top trimming (thanks for the feedback Sam). The Swan SLETHI41x67's might be a slightly better fit for the small Talisman 2nd edition cards, though the SLE41x67's will stack better as they are not as slick.
Tash Kalar Swan SLETHI62x103 are custom made for this, Mayday 61x103mm sleeves fit snugly, though not too tight (thanks for the feedback Gabby).
Team Yankee Swan SLETHI80x122 fit perfectly width wise and require 10mm trimmed off the top (thanks for the feedback Richard).
Tehkenu Swan SLETHI41x63 premiums worked perfectly! (thanks for the feedback Shaun).
Terraforming Mars The Swan SLETHI65x90s fit Terraforming Mars cards perfect (thanks for the feedback Croydon). On our copies we found the Mayday greens or perfectfit are both snug enough for shuffling, with the green's slightly snugger, and the Swan SLETHI64x89 is a perfect fit but ONLY just covers the top and being so borderline close I recommend the 65x90's to be safe (Swan are also the best value for premium sleeves!). The thin SLE64x89's are about 0.5mm too short. The base game has 233 cards, Prelude has 47, Venus Next 54, and Colonies 54.
The Builders The Builders square cards fit the Swan SLE90x90's loosly. The thin sleeves mean that you can fit all the components back into the tin they come in (thanks for the feedback Alan).
The Crew: Quest for Planet Nine Fits perfectly in Swan premium SLETHI56x87 sleeves 'Perfect fit, just what I was after.' - thanks for the feedback Jeff! Should also fit in premium Mayday US sleeves (TBC).
The Faeries Oracle (a Brian Froud Oracle card pack) The Swan premium SLETHI77x128's are a snug fit, with some sleeves too small to fit the cards without bending slightly. Three packs of premiums should hopefully leave enough suitable sleeves to avoid that - thanks for the feedback Vicky! Always take care when inserting snug cards to avoid damage. Thin SLE77x128's might also do the job (untested).
The Great Wall (Awaken Realms Kickstarter) The Swan premium SLETHI80x122's are a perfect fit for the large cards. Swan SLETHI64x89's suit the medium cards, and you need SLETHI45x70's for the black powder and stretch goal expansion boxes - thanks for the feedback Ross!
The Isle Of Cats Mayday green, Mayday perfectfit, and Sleeve King 63.5x88 all fit perfectly - thanks to Mila for feedback on the later.
The Labyrinth (Jim Henson's) The Swan thin SLE51x89 packs are apparently the only sleeve that will fit reasonably well.
The Manhattan Project The Swan SLE43x65's were a perfect fit for our copy.
The Pillars of the Earth Mayday Mini Euros fit best,Swan 45x70 fit okay.
The Witcher: Old World Swan premium SLETHI65x100's fit the regular cards, as do Mayday or Sleeve King standard 65x100's. Sleeve King 103x128's fit the large monster cards (thanks for the feedback Dave). Swan premium SLETHI103x128's are a bit too tight.
This Guilty Land The Swan SLETHI64x89's are my recommendation as this game has slightly smaller than standard width cards and will be quite loose in Mayday green sleeves - thanks for the feedback Josh.
Tides of Time The Swan SLETHI80x122 sleeves "fit really well on Tides of Time.. thankyou!" - thanks for the feedback Alan.
This War of Mine Mayday Premium sleeves size 63.5mm x 88mm according to Boardgamegeek. Will also fit the Mayday standards and may fit the Swan thin or thick 64x89 magic sleeves (the Mayday size is usually a slightly looser fit on standard cards, whikle the Swan's are usually a snug perfect fit).
Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization Mayday Euro Mini Blues fit best, Swan 45x70's fit well.
Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization Mayday thick 50x75's - "they are a little long but fit perfectly, shuffle well and stand the abuse my group seems to dish out" - thanks for the feedback Chris. Update: Swan do a custom SLETHI52x72 size specifically for this game and the feedback for those is "The sleeves arrived today, are of good quality and fit well - thanks very much :) Steven". We also have Mayday standard packs of 100 50x75's that would be a cheaper option.
Thunderstone Thunderstone is a bit tricky due to manufacturing inconsistencies - the original base cards are slightly larger than standard Magic cards, with the Thunderstone Advance cards being larger than base Thunderstone. The Swan thin 65x90 fit the base game perfectly but I don't recommend them for Thunderstone Advance. The thick Swan 65x90's fit both fine. Mayday greens and Mayday perfectfits are usually a good fit. For Thunderstone Quest feedback is that the SLE64x89's do fit: "I’ve tried this size on the cards, and they seem to be a good fit. The new version of the game (the 3rd ed. I think) must have slightly different sized cards. The 65x90mm seem a bit large" - thanks for the additional feedback David!
Thurn and Taxis Fit the 45x70mm Swan sleeves well, but the Mayday sleeves Mini euro 45x68 sleeves fit better.
Ticket to Ride Anniversary Edition Mayday US purple are recommended. Swan 57x90's should fit fine, Swan 56x87's are likely too snug.
Ticket to Ride Europe Mayday US purple or Swan Panasia 57x90's are recommended. Swan 56x87's are (just!) a bit too tight to recommend. Requires two packs.
Ticket to Ride India Mayday US purple or Swan Panasia 57x90's are recommended. Swan 56x87's are (just!) a bit too tight to recommend.
Ticket to Ride Switzerland Mayday US purple or Swan Panasia 57x90's are recommended. Swan 56x87's are (just!) a bit too tight to recommend.
Ticket to Ride USA Mayday Mini Euros fit and Swan 45x70 both fit nicely. Note, other Ticket to Ride boards have different sized cards.
Tikal Mayday Mini Euro 45x68 sleeves fit best, Swan 45x70's fit but are a bit looser.
Tiny Epic Kingdoms The small cards suit Mayday perfectfit sleeves (thanks for the feedback Bryce) as well as Mayday standard card size sleeves. The large suit the Mayday Tiny Epic Kingdom sleeves and also fit excellently in Swan premium SLETHI88x126 cards - I have a photo of the Tiny Epic Galaxies player and dice mat cards in the Swan premium's if you are interested and would like to see the excellent fit in a photo.
Torres Fit the Mayday 59x92 sleeves best, the Swan 60x92 are just a litle too short.
Trains and Trains: Rising Sun Swan SLE65x90 and SLETHI65x90 are recommended. The cards are larger than standard and so SLE64x89 and SLETHI64x89's are too tight.
Transformers CCG Swan SLE65x90 card protectors "fit Transformers TCG cards perfectly" - thanks for the feedback Bevan. The Swan SLE90x128 sleeves fit the Transformer character cards perfectly - thanks for the feedback Chris. Swan Magic (64x89) and Mayday standard sleeves should also fit the standard cards, and Swan premium 88x126's (previously known as 90x128) should also fit the character cards, but this has not been confirmed first hand.
Twilight Imperium 4 Sometimes the Swan SLETHI41x63's work if you like a tight fit, but we recommend the Swan SLETHI43x63's as do BGG - thanks for the feedback Matthew!
Upkeep Swan premium SLETHI64x89's fit the cards perfectly and easily fit back into the box inserts. This board game is a New Zealand one, kickstarted by Alayn Clint of
Unfair Swan premium SLETHI64x89's fit perfectly, as do the thins. The Swan 65x90 (thick or thin) sleeves fit but are noticably looser - about the same as Mayday standard or premium card size sleeves. Sleevekings will be slightly looser too. I recommend the Swan premiums or thins for the best fit.
Ultimate Werewolf Swan 65x90 (thick or thin) sleeves fit best according to one buyer (thanks Marco). Mayday greens may also do the trick but that isn't confirmed yet.
Unexploded Cow Mayday US purple sleeves fit excellently. Can't recommend anything else.
Village Attacks Feedback for these is that the Swan SLETHI44x68 are perfect: The sleeves you sent me were absolutely perfect – so that’s another game to add to your list of fitted sleeves. Thanks again, Andrew
War of the Ring (second edition) Swan Panasia 70x120 fit okay, SLE67x120 custom WotR sleeves should be perfect.
Warhammer Invasion Cards Mayday green sleeves/Mayday Perfectfit sleeves are recommended (thanks Russell). Swan thick 64x89mm are apparently a good fit too (thanks Peter @ Order of gamers).
Watergate Mayday Premium Mega Civilization sleeves were a nice snug fit on our copy. A fw of the sleeves were too snug but there were enough spares to sleeve Watergate using one pack, and still have spares remaining.
Western Legends For the standard sized cards SLETHI64x89's are slightly short so would recommend SLETHI65x90's instead (thanks for the feedback Kyle!). For the smaller cards the SLETHI44x68's fit but are a little long (thanks Robin!). The SLETHI43x63's might fit better (TBC). the Mayday standard card sleeves and Mini Euro sleeves should also fit fine.
Wildlife Mayday 59x62 sleeves fit best (a bit loose) and need top trimming. Mayday Chimera and Swan 57x90 are too tight.
Wingspan Swan 57x90 premium 100+ packs and thin/standard 160+ sleeve packs are a perfect fit - thanks for the feedback Israel. Mayday Chimera also fit well. Sleeve King USA Chimera fit Wingspan reasonably well - thanks for the feedback Keith
Wyrmspan Swan 57x90 premium 100+ packs and thin/standard 160+ sleeve packs are a perfect fit - thanks for the feedback Israel. Mayday Chimera also fit well. Sleeve King USA Chimera fit Wingspan reasonably well. The square cards fit in Swan 57x57 sleeves.
YuGiOh Mayday Euro blue sleeves fit excellently widthwise but are a bit tall requiring top trimming. Swan 60x90 thick sleeves also fit excellently widthwise, and are slightly less tall. Swan 60x90 thin should also be fine and have 160 sleeves per pack (ask in case I have some older ones with 200 per pack).
Zombicide SLE60x90 are an exellent fit for the large deck cards - thanks for the feedback Frank

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